Four Great Indoor Team-Building Games

There is nothing so great as having a team that understands the ethos of teamwork. It is never a bad idea to have a list of indoor activities that inspire collaboration and team spirit. Here are four indoor activities that don’t need a lot of space. It’s really never too late to begin if you haven’t already!

The Activities

Get To Know Me:

This one is done in pairs and preferably between two people who aren’t familiar with each other. Each person is expected to ask the other questions about themselves. The questions can be personal or work-related. Afterwards, everyone is supposed to share what they learnt about the other person with everyone else.

Truth vs Lie:

This has to be the most fun game of all. Each member of the team is supposed to tell three real things about themselves and one lie. Then the rest of the group is supposed to discuss which they think are true and which aren’t. They should be as creative as possible and not far-fetched. This way, team members can learn so much about their colleagues in a fun-filled way.

The Big Foot:

This is hilarious, but it can also be very tricky. Everyone is expected to stand in a single file, and everyone has to be blindfolded. They all are supposed to organise themselves in order of their shoe size from the smallest to the biggest. No one is supposed to ask each other their shoe size.

The Plane Crash:

In this game, staff will be required to imagine they were involved in a plane crash and are now stuck on an island or some deserted place. The next thing is to think of the ten most crucial things they can get in the building for survival. All the items must be listed in the order of importance. This game encourages creativity and thinking outside of the box.