Different Types of Team Building

Companies have different reasons why they hold team buildings for their staff. Depending on what your goal is, there are different categories of team building. Each of them comes with its own benefits and activities. What matters is the purpose you seek to achieve.

Personality-Based Team Building

This type of team building is aimed at understanding each person’s personality type. Everyone is different and unique in their own small way. Every individual also has their own weaknesses and strengths. All these play a significant role when choosing leaders and managers. Some people thrive by being given a creativity license. All these characters come out during team buildings.

Activity-Based Team Building

As the title implies, this is the type where each and every member of the team takes part in certain activities. Completion of these activities is also dependent on each member playing their role. The activities call for collaboration and teamwork. During such activities, team members acquire valuable lessons which they can make use of back in the office. These activities also help in nurturing relationships and closeness among staff members.

Problem Solving Team Building

Here, team members are encouraged to rely on each other’s knowledge to solve the problem at hand. This brings out team members’ strengths and weaknesses as they all work towards finding a solution to the hurdle in front of them. This also inspires innovation and logical thinking, which are necessary assets for any business success.

Skill Based Team Building

In this type of team building, the focus is purely on building skills. Team members are grouped and taken through workshops and seminars where they collectively learn together as opposed to being left to learn on their own. Once acquired, the skills help in achieving set goals and the overall productivity of the team. Depending on what you want to achieve, all these categories are effective ways of bringing your workers together for a bonding session.