How to Organise a Successful Team-Building Exercise

Organising a team-building exercise is not as easy as it may sound. It takes time and good planning to execute a successful event, results of which will be seen once the team gets back to the office.

Most companies prefer to outsource a planner for such events. But if your business doesn’t have the resources to do this, it is still possible to organise a successful team-building event.

Below are some tips.

Come Up with a Budget

This should be the starting point before focusing on specifics. Deciding on the amount the company is willing to spend will help determine the choice of venue, scope of the activities, and logistical issues.

Team building doesn’t have to be an expensive affair – you can do it without spending a coin. All that matters is what you hope to achieve from the event.

Set Your Goals

There must be a reason why you are looking to hold a team-building exercise for your workers. Knowing what you want to achieve from the event should be clear right from the word go.

Aside from the fun, food, and the chance to spend some time away from the office, employees must acquire lessons at the event that they can apply to their work in the days and weeks that follow.

Pick the areas you want the event to focus on – this way it becomes clear what will be expected of them after the event.

Proper Timing

If you want your team-building event to flop big time, ignore simple things such as choosing the right time to hold it.

Always remember: your employees have lives outside of the office. Make sure the event fits their personal schedules.

And perhaps most importantly, you can’t plan a team-building event when there are deadlines to be met. Good timing is when business is slow.