Awesome Team-Building Activities Your Team Will Love

Team-building is supposed to be both educational and enjoyable. It presents colleagues with a chance to learn about each other, which is a valuable aspect of effective teamwork in any office.

A team-building event doesn’t have to be boring especially if the aim is to break the ice between different departments. Below are three team-building games your staff will not want to stop playing.

Winer vs Loser

Duration: Five minutes

Participants: Two

Tools: None

How to: This game is straightforward but very educative. The two people taking part will need to share a bad or negative thing that happened to them, either personal or work-related. The one sharing will also point out a few positive things about the experience. Once they are done, the other partner will help pick out the silver lining in the whole experience. The two will then switch roles and go through the same process.

Goal: Helps in turning adverse events into learning experiences.

Game of Possibilities

Duration: Five to six minutes

Participants: Small groups or one person

Tools: Random objects

How to: One member of staff is given a random object; he/she is supposed to demonstrate in front of the other group members what the object is used for but without uttering a single word. The others are supposed to guess what the object is.

Goal: To inspire creativity and innovation.

Human Knot

Duration: 10 minutes

Participants: 10 to 20

Tools: None

How to: Everyone stands in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Everyone is supposed to put their right hand out and grab someone else’s hand across from them. The same process is repeated for the left hand. The group then have to untangle the knot within a set time without letting go of each other’s hands.

Goal: Inspires good communication and collaboration.

Even after a team-building event, there will be lots of memories about the games to be carried back to the office.